Pop Star's Photos Aren't Fair Game, Divided Panel Concludes

August 14, 2012

​Andrew Bridges, a partner in Fenwick’s Litigation Group, is quoted in a Recorder article titled “Pop Star's Photos Aren't Fair Game, Divided Panel Concludes.”

The article discusses Monge v. Maya Magazines, in which a judge ruled that a Spanish-language magazine had violated the copyright of a celebrity couple in publishing stolen private wedding photographs. Disagreeing with the ruling, Bridges said that the case is really more about a stolen trade secret than an infringed copyright. He said that the goal of copyright laws is incentivizing the creation and publication of work. "What's going on here has nothing to do with creative expression," he said, but rather "concealing the secrecy and privacy of the fact of [the couple's] marriage." The result, he said, is "an indirect and awkward way of protecting trade secrets."​