South Korean Agency Files Antitrust Suit Against Intel

September 12, 2007

​Fenwick & West antitrust practice co-chair Mark Ostrau was quoted in San Jose Mercury News on the potential impact of the South Korean Fair Trade Commission's accusation that Intel has violated the nation's antitrust laws.

The Commission is investigating whether Intel abused its dominant market position to discourage computer makers from conducting business with the company's rival, Advanced Micro Devices.

Two months before the Korean statement, the European Commission filed a similar statement of objections against Intel. The article notes that Korea is becoming more active in antitrust enforcement, taking their cue from the Europeans.

Ostrau told San Jose Mercury News that the Korean case could have more impact than might be expected. If evidence supporting the claims becomes public, he said that it "could have outsize influence" by spreading to cases elsewhere.

"The case could be the mouse that roared," he said.