Tech Makers Dip Into Patent Pool

June 10, 2008

Robert Sachs, a partner in the Patent Group with Fenwick & West, was recently quoted in a Recorder article entitled, "Tech Makers Dip Into Patent Pool."

A group of major tech companies, including Intel and Cisco Systems, announced they are forming a new patent pool on broadband wireless technology, or WiMax, so they can license the IP at a "predictable cost," as the market for services related to wireless Internet access explodes.

Several patent lawyers said a pool can also prevent expensive patent litigation and keep critical IP from ending up in the hands of "patent trolls," which manufacturing companies tend to view as a nuisance.

Sachs has made what he calls a "niche" practice of evaluating patents for patent pools in recent years.

"It certainly has ramped up in the last several years," Sachs said. "The increased prevalence of standards-based technology in the consumer marketplace, in particular, has driven it."