Technology Offers Law Firms Incredible Possibilities

July 13, 2015

Kevin Moore, Fenwick & West’s director of information technology, was quoted in a Legaltech News article on the opportunity technology presents law firms. In the rapidly changing technological climate, firms must innovate to keep pace with new developments, according to Legaltech.

Law firms should work with their IT departments to apply new technology to meet the needs of their firms, the publication added. Tools such as financial dashboards and analytics, for example, can lend valuable insight to firms, enabling smart business decisions.

While embracing the great potential of new tech innovations, firms must use technology thoughtfully, Fenwick’s Kevin Moore said. For Fenwick, the greatest challenge is addressing the demand for “ubiquitous access,” in light of high data security concerns, Moore said. Lawyers must recognize that sometimes their technological solutions must prioritize safety over maximum convenience.

The full article is available through Legaltech News​.​