The Do's and Don'ts of Sending a Corporate E-mail

January 12, 2009

Robert Brownstone, Law & Technology Director at Fenwick & West, was quoted throughout the recent LawyersUSA article "Advising Clients Before They Hit 'Send.'"

As e-mail has become a vehicle for every business's communications and practice, the risks of sensitive information getting in the hands of the unwanted has gotten higher. The article offers the 10 do's and don'ts of sending an e-mail, a useful list for attorneys to share with their clients to avoid work-related electronic messages winding up in litigation. As examples of "don'ts," Brownstone mentioned "defamatory language, 'name-calling,' and violent, war-like or aggressive sports language in reference to a business competitor."

"The biggest problem with e-mail is that... most e-mailers click 'send' before taking time to reflect, let alone to revise or decide not to send a message at all," Brownstone summarizes. To alert managers and staff to particular concerns of this type, Brownstone often does on-site educational seminars on a range of "E-mail Net-iquette" issues.