The Economy in Silicon Valley

November 23, 2009

November 23, 2009 (Mountain View, CA) – Laird Simons, Partner in the Securities Group of Fenwick & West LLP, is interviewed on the KLIV 1590 News Radio show "Economy in the Silicon Valley" discussing his experience with recent public offerings and how the overall economy is effecting the nation's initial public offering market.

Simons has been involved in taking such companies as eBay, Oracle and Electronics Arts public. He sees today's IPO market as on the rise from the end of 2008, noting that Fenwick is seeing activity amongst its clients who are moving along with deals that have been on hold for some time. "A lot of companies are beginning to look at the approved prices and the somewhat greater stability in the market and think that perhaps now is the time to consider going public," Simons reports.

Fenwick recently represented the underwriter in the $258 million secondary public offering for Austin, Texas-based SolarWinds. In general, Simons believes that confidence is building in the direction that the economy is taking. "I do see a lot more optimism now than I saw six or seven months ago, and I think that level of optimism is likely to continue absent some type of double dip in the recession that we appear to be coming out of now," Simons concludes.