Top 100 Attorneys in California: Greg Roussel

September 10, 2014

​Fenwick & West corporate partner Greg Roussel was profiled by the Daily Journal as one of the Top 100 Attorneys in California in 2014 and as the “go-to mergers and acquisitions lawyer in social media.”

The publication listed, among the recent transactions in Roussel’s portfolio, seven acquisitions for Facebook including the $1 billion purchase of Instagram, five acquisitions for DropBox, two involving LinkedIn and one for Rocket Fuel.

Roussel achieved his go-to status in part by tailoring the transactions to the needs of technology industry clients.

"One of the things we recognized a long time ago in the valley is that having the top quality and technology is paramount for our successful companies," he told the Daily Journal. "There are a lot in the M&A process, but they're traditionally inefficient and not achieving the outcomes the technology companies care about."

Such companies typically use mergers and acquisitions to acquire a particular technological development or enhancement and the associated intellectual property. And then there are the “acqui-hires” in which companies use acquisitions to bring on top talent.

"That's one of the compelling things: technology talent finding a good fit," Roussel said. "Even though it's a large company, they really have the idea to execute and accelerate it. It's one of my favorite things about my job. I bring all those things together, and I understand their perspectives on each side of the deal."

Roussel often begins advising companies early on in the acquisition process and also counsels start-ups at the earliest stages of development and funding.

"We talk to companies a lot of times that want to work with companies, and they need to ramp up," he said. "We explain to them the process, so they understand the potential of the acquisition, so when they find someone they're interested in, they can go in on the right foot."

While Roussel started his legal career with a goal of representing video gaming clients, he enjoys working with the social media companies that now dominate his practice. "You hear horror stories about clients, but my clients are cool people to hang out with and do business with," he said.​​​​