Why Techies Like to 'Friend' Fenwick & West

April 07, 2011

April 7, 2011 (Mountain View, CA) - Why do so many cool tech companies choose Fenwick & West? Firm chairman Gordon Davidson and Ted Wang, both partners in the Corporate Group of Fenwick & West, were featured in the Bloomberg BusinessWeek company profile "Why Techies Like to 'Friend' Fenwick & West."

The piece chronicles Fenwick's longstanding expertise in working with startups, honed by continually innovating and necessarily reinventing the role of a tech-focused law firm. A quote from Stanford Law School dean Larry Kramer summed up Fenwick's standing as one of the premiere firms for budding companies in the Bay Area. "Fenwick is one of the great indigenous firms of Silicon Valley," Kramer notes. "It understands how the Valley works better than most, everything from how to raise money, where to incorporate, and how to nurture and grow a startup."

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