Emily M. Ross

Patent Agent, Intellectual Property  

Mountain View 650.335.7665


​Emily Ross, whose field is engineering, assists in the drafting of U.S. and foreign patent applications for clients primarily in the technology and life sciences industries.

While attending Harvey Mudd College, Emily worked as an analyst and researcher on various engineering and nanotechnology projects for the college as well as for Bio-Rad Laboratories, Zodiac Aerospace and Contour Energy Systems. She also served as a research assistant at Stanford University and at the National Institute for Materials Science in Japan through the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN) REU program.

Scientific Publications:

  • Watanabe, K., Sakaguchi, I., Saito, N., Ross, E.M., Haneda, H., Ohsawa, T., Ohashi, N. (2016) "Isotope tracer investigation and ab-initio simulation of anisotropic hydrogen transport and possible multi-hydrogen centers in tin dioxide." J. Appl. Phys. 119, 225704.
  • Watanabe, K., Ohsawa, T., Sakaguchi, I., Bierwagen, O., White, M.E., Tsai, M., Takahashi, R., Ross, E.M., Adachi, Y., Speck, J.S., Haneda, H., Ohashi, N. (2014) "Investigation of charge compensation in indium-doped tin dioxide by hydrogen insertion via annealing under humid conditions." Appl. Phys. Lett. 104, 132110.
  • Ross, E.M. (2013) "Hydrogen as a Cause of Native n-type Conductivity in Tin Dioxide." 2013 NNIN REU Research Accomplishments, pp. 154-155.
  • Ross, E.M. (2012) "Atomic Layer Deposition Process Optimization and Characterization of Amorphous Metal-Oxide Films." 2012 NNIN REU Research Accomplishments, pp. 220-221.