2011 Corporate Governance Practices Survey

A Comparison of Large Public Companies and Silicon Valley Companies

Fenwick & West is pleased to introduce the inaugural public edition of our Corporate Governance Practices Survey. Although this publication is new, for many years Fenwick has collected information on the corporate governance practices of publicly traded companies in order to counsel our clients on best practices and industry norms in corporate governance. Having collected this data since 2003, we decided this was a unique body of information that would be useful for all Silicon Valley companies as well as publicly-traded technology and life science companies across the U.S., so decided to make this information publicly available.

Fenwick’s annual survey covers a variety of corporate governance practices and data for the companies included in the Standard & Poor’s 100 Index (S&P 100) and the high technology and life science companies included in the Silicon Valley 150 Index (SV 150). In this report, we present statistical information for a subset of the data we have collected over the years. These include:

  • makeup of board leadership
  • number of insider directors
  • size and number of meetings for boards and their primary committees
  • frequency of maintaining other standing committees
  • majority voting
  • board classification
  • use of a dual‑class voting structure
  • frequency and number of shareholder proposals

In each case, comparative data is presented for the S&P 100 companies and for the high technology and life science companies included in the SV 150 as well as trend information over the history of the survey.

We hope this information is a useful resource, and welcome any questions or feedback you may have. Click the following link for the Fenwick & West 2011 Corporate Governance Practices Survey.

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