Fenwick and West Stanford Directors' College Cybersecurity Reading Materials

Cybersecurity and the Board and Cybersecurity Disclosure Examples
On June 23, Gordon Davidson will present in the panel discussion “Cybersecurity and the Board” at the 20th Annual Stanford Directors’ College, a pioneering presentation focusing on public company cybersecurity disclosures and the role of the Board of Directors and senior leadership.
Fenwick & West’s presentation materials on cybersecurity attacks and the corporate response contain invaluable insight on the topic.  
Fenwick & West’s Stanford Directors’ College Cybersecurity Reading Materials: Cybersecurity and the Board
Best Practices (Company-wide and Board of Directors) to Prevent and Mitigate Cyber Attacks
Surveys and Studies on Cybersecurity
Standards and Laws Related to Cybersecurity (Proposed and Enacted Legislation, Executive Order 13636 and Formal Guidance and Widely Followed Standards)
Pertinent Articles about Recent Data Breaches (U.S. Corporate and International Attacks and Responses)
Fenwick & West’s Cybersecurity Disclosure Examples
Public Company SEC Disclosures
Private Company Voluntary Disclosures