CSR Governance & Compliance

CSR Governance & Compliance

Fenwick & West advises clients regarding corporate social responsibility (CSR) governance and compliance with CSR-related legal requirements and standards. Fenwick can assist clients with developing an appropriate level of board oversight with respect to environmental and social risks, and with the design and implementation of tailored CSR policies and procedures that address such risks and that are responsive to stakeholder expectations (including those of investors and customers), industry practice, international standards and applicable law.

While many organizations have long been committed to CSR, evolving stakeholder expectations and an increasing number of CSR-related legal requirements and standards are prompting many companies to reexamine existing practices in light of such developments and assess the need for increased board oversight and/or additional CSR measures.

Technology and companies are in many cases uniquely impacted by these developments due to the acceleration of innovation and technology change and concomitant stresses placed on international technology supply chains.

Whether you already have CSR governance and compliance systems in place or are exploring the possibility of establishing additional oversight and compliance measures, our experienced team of professionals can advise you in your efforts to create a coherent and consistent enterprise-wide program that is responsive to stakeholder expectations and that fully addresses existing legal requirements and standards.

What You Can Expect with Fenwick on Your Team

A Leading Provider of CSR-Related Legal Services to Technology and Life Sciences Companies

Fenwick is the first and only legal adviser focused on technology and life sciences companies with a dedicated CSR practice. With a long history of pioneering legal work for these industries, Fenwick established its CSR practice to meet the growing need of its clients for CSR-related legal services.

An Experienced Team of CSR Professionals

Our CSR team has lectured, written and advised major technology companies on CSR-related matters. Some of the companies our team advises include Amazon.com, Cepheid, Cisco Systems, Cray, Dexcom, Facebook, Fitbit, Fortinet, GoPro, Imperva, Marvell Technology Group, Meru Networks, ShoreTel, Spansion, Symantec and Synopsys.

A Firm that is Committed to Corporate Social Responsibility

From our founding in 1972, Fenwick has demonstrated a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. From our extensive community and Pro Bono Practice Group work, to our award-winning sustainability programs, Fenwick’s internal CSR efforts further qualifies our attorneys to provide practical, actionable CSR-related legal guidance.

Take Action

If you have questions regarding your existing CSR program, are interested in implementing a new CSR program or need help complying with new CSR-related legal requirements, please contact Ashley Conrad Walter at (206) 389-4556 or awalter@fenwick.com.