Fenwick & West Service Innovations

Our Innovative Approach to Client Service

At Fenwick, process improvement has been a core value since our inception: We are fueled by the same passion for innovation that animates the technology and life sciences companies we serve.

We developed technology-assisted discovery to help smaller companies fight well-funded behemoths long before the term “eDiscovery” was coined. Responding to client demand for pricing certainty, we built data-driven pricing and budgeting tools before they became a trend. And we continue to respond to evolving client needs by leading efforts in artificial intelligence and knowledge management.

Not following the status quo is how Fenwick grew to one of the world’s leading law firms.

Here are some of the people, processesand technologieswe implement to drive efficiencies and value.


FLEX In-House Legal Support

FLEX by Fenwick helps high-growth companies meet their
day-to-day legal needs by providing experienced in-house
attorneys in a flexible and cost-effective way.

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Staff Attorneys

Fenwick's in-house Staff Attorney team - comprised of experienced attorneys with substantial litigation discovery and transactional due diligence experience - is responsible for the efficient review and analysis of documents in connection with large-scale litigation and corporate transactional matters.

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Knowledge Management and Innovation Delivery

Our knowledge and innovation team of practicing attorneys, MBA’s, legal process engineers and researchers ensures that we bring the full knowledge and capability of our firm to every client’s legal and business needs.

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Legal Operations Support Team

Fenwick’s business and administration leaders work directly with our clients to help ensure our services are delivered efficiently, and that clients get the most out of their relationship with our firm.

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Security and Risk Management

Dealing with top-secret transactions and inventions on a daily basis means we have to take security seriously. At Fenwick, we go to great lengths to ensure that our clients' information is private and secure.

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Pricing and Financial Management

Fenwick delivers fee predictability to clients through innovative pricing and financial management capabilities. Our team of financial analysts assists clients through the lifecycle of a matter by providing budgets designed around size, scope and stakes; alternative fee arrangements; project management and eBilling system consultation.

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Project Management

Backed by a team of in-house professionals, as well as ongoing project management training for our corporate, litigation and IP groups, we scrutinize matter processes to eliminate waste and identify ways to increase efficiency.

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Patent Operations Group

One of our clients' most significant patent-related financial burdens is the high cost of managing their patent portfolios. To address this, Fenwick applies a two-fold approach to enhance efficiency and reduce cost.

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Fenwick Labs

We understand that business moves faster every day. That’s why we established Fenwick Labs—a focused group of IT and legal professionals who develop products that meet our clients’ needs for rapid access to information, and improve the efficiency of how we deliver legal services.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI holds significant promise to reduce our clients' risks and costs. Fenwick rolled out two new artificial intelligence programs to make our corporate M&A and litigation services even more efficient and effective.

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Custom Trademark Extranets

At Fenwick, we took notice that our trademark clients were frustrated over the lack of products that existed to seamlessly manage their marks, police their brands and interact with counsel on a global basis. So we responded by building one for them.

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At Fenwick, we have redefined collaboration among legal teams and clients with our proprietary ShareRooms—solid, secure and highly functional networks that go beyond traditional extranets.

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