DLaw: Disruptive Innovations in Legal Services

DLaw will be hosting a two-day summit on Disruptive Innovations in Legal Services providing a meaningful exploration of digital technology for the legal services professionals from specific emerging tools to new business models to creative client acquisition and retention strategies. Attendees will leave prepared to lead transformation that will lay the foundation for a more efficient and profitable future.

Fenwick counsel Robert Brownstone is speaking on both days:​​​​​​

October 22: 21st Century Data Management for Legal Departments and Law Firms

This session will provide a deep dive into the three-legged stool of people, processes and platforms that has enabled ongoing agility and modernization. Topics covered will include the “un-silo-ing” of various data repositories, robust extranet and knowledge-management offerings and collaboration with technology providers.


October 23: Managing the Impact of Social, Mobile and Collaborative Apps on eDiscovery​​​​​​

Communication methods have changed amongst consumers, employees and even organizations. Companies are talking to customers on social media, collaborating internally in the cloud or apps and everyone is conducting business on mobile devices. What this means is there are more sources of ESI to worry about. This session will take a look at how you can understand what was said in a chat, the meaning behind emojis and content that was shared on a white board in a conference room all has to be examined. We will also cover common best practices and lessons learned to adapt eDiscovery processes and workflows to address today’s digital reality.​​​​​​​​​​