Executive Compensation & Employee Benefits

Executive Compensation & Employee Benefits

The Executive Compensation and Employee Benefits Group counsels technology and Fortune 500 companies on complex compensation and benefits issues, including:

  • Advising on the issues that regularly arise with equity plans, executive compensation agreements and other employment benefit arrangements when clients are involved in mergers, acquisitions, public securities offerings, onboarding and terminations
  • Advising on compensation-related corporate governance matters and disclosures (including the executive compensation rules and disclosure requirements)
  • Establishing and administering employee benefit arrangements
  • Structuring and drafting equity plans and arrangements
  • Drafting executive employment, non-competition, severance and change of control agreements
  • Advising on complex 162(m) tax deduction, 409A deferred compensation and 280G parachute payment issues
  • Due diligence on corporate transactions (particularly in M&A)
  • Representing chief executive officers in negotiating and structuring executive employment, non-competition, severance and change of control arrangements
  • SEC no-action letter regarding pre-public company restricted stock units


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