Leading Advisor to Companies at the Dynamic Intersection of Healthcare and Technology


Leading Advisor to Companies at the Dynamic Intersection of Healthcare and Technology

For nearly four decades, paradigm-changing companies in emerging industries have turned to Fenwick for trusted counsel. From life sciences and software to interactive media and social networking, our clients have dominated their spaces and set the standards for their industries.

Now mobile communications, information management and data security are converging to implement healthtech products and services, and Fenwick is once again helping to shape an industry. Our expertise in applying applicable precedents and establishing new frameworks will put the next generation of healthtech leaders on solid legal and business footing going forward.

Why Healthtech Companies Turn to Fenwick

Fenwick’s healthtech clients play a crucial role in the shaping of this industry. Our attorneys are on the frontline with digital health companies, providing insight and analysis on current, important legal issues and hot topics affecting the industry, as showcased on our Life Sciences Legal Insights blog.

Over 300 healthtech companies have made Fenwick their trusted legal partner, and the list – like the industry – is growing quickly. We are called upon to resolve legal and business issues at the nexus of this innovative industry by companies in a wide range of products and services, including:

  • Electronic medical record
  • Mobile health
  • Big data
  • Software development
  • Scheduling solutions
  • Social/community networks
  • Patient/physician interaction
  • Wearable technology
  • Online Fitness
  • Payment
  • Scheduling solutions
  • Pharmaceutical marketplace
  • Cloud computing

We are their counsel of choice for two reasons:

Our Healthtech practice is well established and primed
Our healthtech attorneys have strong technical backgrounds and extensive experience working with all the components of this emerging sector. We have served innovators in telecommunications; network infrastructure and security; life sciences; software, hardware and peripherals; cloud computing; social networking and eCommerce. Also, our in-depth experience in the healthcare, diagnostic, medical device and bioinformatics sectors best positions Fenwick to effectively protect and maximize the commercial value of healthcare technology companies. Our attorneys have extensive familiarity with healthtech business models at play and the regulatory issues that occur specific to those models. We are in lockstep with your industry because we know firsthand where you’ve been.

Fenwick is here to help
Your healthtech technologies, products and services promise to fundamentally transform the ways in which patients, caregivers, clinicians, manufacturers, payers, consumers and users interconnect and interact. By combining cutting-edge technologies and applying them to healthcare, you are not only creating a new industry—you are leapfrogging current law and business models. Our team, like yours, is expert in reengineering proven approaches to address brand new challenges. From intellectual property to financing and corporate governance to privacy, count on us to successfully guide you through the unchartered legal and business considerations that will prove paramount to healthtech operations such as yours.


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