NELI Public Sector EEO and Employment Law Update - Washington, DC

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​​NELI will present the nation's foremost annual public sector training surveying EEO and employment law developments impacting federal, state and local government employment, examining the effect of these developments on current practices, and providing practical advice to ensure compliance in the following areas:

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  • Developments in EEO Law
  • Complex Wage and Hour Issues
  • The e-Workplace: Privacy Issues and Cyber Security
  • Creating and Maintaining Diverse, Inclusive and Respectful Work Environments
  • Public Employee Free Speech Rights
  • ADA/Rehabilitation Act Update on "Reasonable Accommodation"
  • Best Practices for FMLA Compliance

Robert Brownstone will present on August 22 at 3:15pm on "The E-Workplace: Privacy Issues and Cyber Security."

This panel will cover ​​the expanding set of technology platforms and apps that keeps challenging employers on how to restrict, monitor, scrutinize and/or preserve employees’ and applicants’ technology usage which impacts employees’ privacy rights and employers’ information security programs, including the use of “Shadow IT,” “Cloud” technology, social media and other forms of offline communications and their implications for an employer’s BYOD program and potential discoverability in legal proceedings. Also, discussion of employers’ rights to limit employees’ social media posts and the ability to discipline for such posts if needed, prohibitions on forced disclosure of personal login credentials, proactive steps employers can take to minimize risks of data theft, and compliance with state laws restricting the use of employees’ biometric information.​

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