About Our Tax Litigation Practice

Our tax attorneys represent Fortune 500 companies as well as other companies in tax disputes in the United States Tax Court, the Federal Court of Claims, and various federal circuit courts of appeals. We have represented our corporate clients in numerous leading tax cases, involving industry-wide issues and deficiencies in the hundreds of millions of dollars. We have handled more than 70 cases in United States Tax Court, as well as dozens of state tax cases. Our tax clients (including 100 Fortune 500 companies) represent every geographic area of the United States, as well as a number of foreign countries. We also have extensive experience in resolving tax controversies before they reach the courts.

Our tax attorneys recently won a tax victory for CBS in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims—securing summary judgment for our client. We are also currently representing other large multinational corporations in the US Tax Court. Additionally, the firm won landmark Ninth Circuit and Tax Court cases for Xilinx relating to cost-sharing. The final, favorable resolution of the Xilinx transfer pricing case — cited by The Wall Street Journal as “the biggest tax case in the last 20 years” — affirmed on appeal to the 9th Circuit.