Did You Mean to Claim a Function? How the USPTO Applies Section 112(f) to Software Patents

Patent eligibility is not the only area in which the Federal Circuit's rulings have impacted software patents. The Court has also altered course in handing means-plus function claims in several recent cases including Eon v. ATT and Williamson v. Citrix. To learn how these rulings will effect software patents, your company's IP portfolio and your overall business, please join me next week in a webinar hosted by the Intellectual Property Owners Association on Algorithms and Software Patents: USPTO and Litigation Perspectives, on Tuesday, July 14, at 2:00pm ET. Carolyn Kosowski of the USPTO’s Patent Legal Administration at the USPTO will present the Office’s current framework for examining means-plus function claims, after which I and Douglas Luftman, Vice President of Innovation Services and Chief IP Counsel for NetApp, will offer the perspective of patent prosecutors and in house counsel.

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