Patent Eligibility by the Numbers: Five Years of Post-Alice Statistics

Congratulations to former Fenwick partner and frequent Bilski Blog author Robert Sachs on publishing his detailed two-part series (see Part 1 and Part 2) analyzing patentability decisions in the five years since Alice v. CLS Bank. Fenwick’s patent team has been tracking eligibility decisions both in the courts and at the USPTO since well before Alice (as the name of our blog suggests!). We use such information for various purposes, including fueling our Patent Eligibility Case Analysis Tool and providing statistics for academic and legislative use.

In his latest article, Bob organizes and visualizes the statistics to help others draw their own informed conclusions based on more than just anecdotal evidence.

The timing of Bob’s work is excellent, as Congress is in the midst of considering revisions to the patent eligibility requirements and collecting wide-ranging perspectives from stakeholders, as we have previously summarized on the Bilski Blog.

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