Update on Section 101 Rejections at the USPTO

In my June post, The One Year Anniversary: The Aftermath of #AliceStorm, I surveyed the frequency of Section 101 rejections at the USPTO. My analysis was based on approximately 300,000 office action and notices of allowance received from Patent Advisor.

As a reminder, the Section 101 rejection rates from the June post at the level of the USPTO Technology Center (TC) are shown below. The numbers here are the percentage of all events in the cohort (TC and time period) that had a Section 101 rejection. An event is either an allowance or a rejection; other events such as restriction requirements, advisory actions, and so forth are not counted.

image from http://s3.amazonaws.com/hires.aviary.com/k/mr6i2hifk4wxt1dp/15101901/2dba4170-2965-456c-87a9-acc1b1f56239.png

Since June, I've received a significant amount of new data from Patent Advisor. The trends we saw before are continuing, with some interesting new developments.

Table 1

First, TC 3600, which includes the E-commerce work groups (3620, 3680, 3690) continues to have the highest rates of § 101 rejections. Second, all of the TCs showed a significant increase in § 101 rejections in June. Tech Center 1700, which covers chemical and materials engineering saw an unexpected three-fold increase! Rates dropped back down in July and August. As explained before, TC 3600 covers both E-commerce and non-Ecommerce work groups and it is the former that contribute to the high rejection rates. Similarly, the rejection rates in TC 1600 appear generally low, but this obscures higher than average rejection rates in biotechnology work groups. If we filter for those work groups we find the following:

Table 2

We can then drill down into the specific technologies in these respective work groups for their § 101 rejection rates:

Table 3

To assess how these rejection rates impact prosecution outcomes in the E-commerce groups in particular, I reviewed the status of all applications in these work groups that had a significant prosecution event in the last seven months (March 17 to October 17). Here is a complete breakdown of the status of these applications:


Of interest are the 3,633 applications abandoned for failure to respond to an office action. Also interesting is the filing of the 506 appeals during this period. This is a harbinger of things to come. I also aggregated the status by work group technology:


The average number of office actions before abandonment here was 3.13, as compared to 3.27 office actions to allowance and patenting, not a significant difference. Here is a view of the distribution of the number of office actions to abandonment, allowance

Office Action Count

This shows that almost 25% of abandonments occurred after the first office action, whereas most of the allowances occurred by the fourth. Cumulatively (not shown here) the behavior was the same: 80% of abandonments and allowances occurred after the fourth office action. Some applicants (or some examiners, depending on your perspective) fought to the bitter end, with 18 cases having ten or more actions before abandonment. The average abandonment rate at 16.5% is about twice the abandonment rate for the rest of the Office. The allowance rate at 1.9% is strikingly low. These two statistics are disturbing when you consider the following. In this time period, the vast majority of applications have been amended in view of previous § 101 rejections and the Office's own Interim Guidance, and arguments have been presented that the claims are not abstract ideas or fundamental business concepts, that they do not preempt all practical applications, that they offer improvements in some technology, and that they contain claim limitations reciting significantly more than the mere judicial exception. And yet more than 98% of the time, these arguments are rejected. In the July 2015 Update to the Interim Guidance, the USPTO states that when it comes to economic concepts, the "term 'fundamental' is used in the sense of being foundational or basic". Is it truly likely that most, let alone all, of the 3,633 abandoned patent applications claim nothing more than foundational or basic economic practices? That the applicants in these cases did nothing more than implement some foundational economic practice on a computer, without doing anything more? That the thousands of patent counsel prosecuting these cases couldn't draft a single eligible claim? From a business perspective, abandonments are more harmful to small companies with a small number of patent filings than to larger companies. If you are a large company with hundreds of applications, abandoning 20% of them because of Section 101 rejections still leaves you with plenty of applications. But if you are a small company, you tend to file on the core, crown jewel technology. If you have to abandon even one or two applications, the impact can be dramatic: a loss of a competitive advantage, the withdrawal or delay in funding by investors, the loss of potential customers. In this light consider the following:

Table 7 Abandonments

This chart shows that over 1,000 companies have abandoned 100% of their applications in the last six months, accounting for 1119 applications, fully 30% of all abandoned applications. Overall, companies with greater than 50% abandonment rates had 6 or fewer applications. As the final total shows, these companies accounted for 43% of all abandonments in the last six months.

Now, not all news is bad news. As the charts show, there are 452 allowed applications that will issue within the next several months. These applications are likely the best evidence of the kinds of amendments and arguments that are getting over 101 rejections. I've included a partial list of 244 of these applications at end of the posting. The list is sorted by art unit and then by examiner, so you can easily find applications in an art unit of interest. By identifying an examiner on one of your cases, you can review the kinds of amendments and arguments that the examiner has accepted and plan your strategy accordingly. Abandonments and rejections aside, there are E-commerce examiners who are allowing cases, and they deserve recognition and support. Here is a list of the top examiners, those who have an allowance rate (allowed+patented / total cases) over the past six months of 15% or more, which puts them well ahead of the rest of the E-commerce group.

Table 8 Examiners

In future posts I'll explore the biotechnology groups in a similar manner.


Partial Listing of Allowed Applications

Publication No.Serial No.ExaminerArt UnitAssigneeTitle (See, Note below)
2012003599013106051COPPOLA, JACOB C3621TAPJOYRewarding Application Installs
2015027852414739519COPPOLA, JACOB C3621BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON TRUSTSecure Information Handling System Flash Memory Access
2004007833410416095COPPOLA, JACOB C3621ORCHESTRIAInformation Management System
2009015100812315113COPPOLA, JACOB C3621INVENTION SCIENCE FUND IMedia Markup System For Content Alteration In Derivative Works
2012000508013168812COPPOLA, JACOB C3621C SAMTransactional Services
2012027448013547194COPPOLA, JACOB C3621Usage Metering Based Upon Hardware Aging
2011032112713167645COPPOLA, JACOB C3621C SAMTransactional Services
2012010967213292836COPPOLA, JACOB C3621C SAMTransactional Services
2013003091013193464COPPOLA, JACOB C3621III HOLDINGSGenerating Using A Digital Pass
2012000508713168858COPPOLA, JACOB C3621C SAMTransactional Services
2008022873312048072REAGAN, JAMES A3621DIGIMARCDetermining Content Treatment
2007026585411306671REAGAN, JAMES A3621IBMDigital Rights Management For Publishing Scanned Documents On The Internet
2010010664912604019REAGAN, JAMES A3621IMS HEALTHAuthorizing Transactions Via Mobile Devices
2011031385013152070REAGAN, JAMES A3621ADSAFE MEDIAReviewing Content Traffic
2008031393812096708BEKERMAN, MICHAEL3622Shopping Trolley With Display Or Advertising Surface
2012029678213437416MOSLEY, KYLE T3622PROJECT JSystem For Managing Product Inventory Counts
2013011709613289857MOSLEY, KYLE T3622AT&TInternet Protocol Multi-Media System Value Voucher Distribution With Network Storage Redemption
2014011132314143132SCHMUCKER, MICHAEL W3622Display Device Mountable On An Automotive Vehicle Method
2011013108012627071BROCKINGTON III, WILLIAM S3623IBMPerformance-Aware Enterprise Components
2008007746311516953DELICH, STEPHANIE ZAGARELLA3623IBMOptimizing The Selection Verification Deployment Of Expert Resources In A Time Of Chaos
2013000774413611570GILLS, KURTIS3623Optimizing On DemAllocation Of Virtual Machines Using A Stateless Preallocation Pool
2011010733012834690GILLS, KURTIS3623AVAYAGeneration Of Open Virtualization Framework Package For Solution Installations Upgrades
2011002997012782743GILLS, KURTIS3623IBMOptimizing On DemAllocation Of Virtual Machines Using A Stateless Preallocation Pool
2014012214113666834JARRETT, SCOTT L3623FLOUR TECHNOLOGIESImproving Cost Effectiveness Of Coking System
2013024612413715792KASSIM, HAFIZ A3623AMERICAN EXPRESSAn Analysis Cycle To Determine Interest Merchants
2013031787713900404MANSFIELD, THOMAS L3623INFOSYSInformation Technology Energy Wastage Management System
2012023945313416275MANSFIELD, THOMAS L3623IBMResource Cost Optimization Program
2013018633313797229MANSFIELD, THOMAS L3623CERTUSVIEW TECHNOLOGIESOverlaying Electronic Marking Information On Facilities Map Information And/Or Other Image Information Displayed On A Marking Device
2010008816412571356MANSFIELD, THOMAS L3623CERTUSVIEW TECHNOLOGIESAnalyzing Locate Marking Operations With Respect To Facilities Maps
2011020292912832044MANSFIELD, THOMAS L3623ORACLEParallelizing Database Requests
2010030599112475035MANSFIELD, THOMAS L3623IBMComplexity Reduction Of User Tasks
2005014937210885191MANSFIELD, THOMAS L3623AT&TPlanning Resources Based On Primary Alternate Location Relief Strategies
2013031200313947629MILLER, ALAN S3623SAMSUNG; USCDynamically Parallelizing Application Program
2008030680312133332MILLER, ALAN S3623SCHLUMBERGERPerforming Oilfield Production Operations
2013023837613780202SINGH, GURKANWALJIT3623TOSHIBAJob Supporting Apparatus Portable Terminal Job Supporting Method
2012013668912956162SINGH, GURKANWALJIT3623MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY LICENSINGEvent Planning Within Social Networks
2014035862714463594STERRETT, JONATHAN G3623GREENLINE SYSTEMSRisk Detection Reporting Infrastructure
2014000607313538902BYRD, UCHE SOWANDE3624YAHOOFramework For Marketplace Analysis
2010008802812441284COUPE, ANITA YVONNE3624NECElectronic Apparatus Power Supply Control Program For Position Measuring
2010016627312160528COUPE, ANITA YVONNE3624Representing Multichannel Image Data
2011022899712725811COUPE, ANITA YVONNE3624MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY LICENSINGMedical Image Rendering
2014001918613545704DIXON, THOMAS A3624SAPCapacity Planning Management
2014001261413543617DIXON, THOMAS A3624NASDAQ OMX GROUPDue Diligence System Method
2010031840212833121GOLDBERG, IVAN R3624CERTUSVIEW TECHNOLOGIESManaging Locate And/Or Marking Operations
2011005583512841288GOLDBERG, IVAN R3624IBMAiding Resolution Of A Transaction
2010008813412572202GOLDBERG, IVAN R3624CERTUSVIEW TECHNOLOGIESAnalyzing Locate Marking Operations With Respect To Historical Information
2008031300411761663GOLDBERG, IVAN R3624IBMProviding A Bi-Directional Feedback Loop Between Project Management Personal Calendar System
2014029735113853916KONERU, SUJAY3624IBMComputing System Predictive Build
2013026216513850820KONERU, SUJAY3624ALIBABA GROUP HOLDINGSending Recommendation Information Associated With A Business Object
2013016635113543631KONERU, SUJAY3624MU SIGMA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PVTGenerating A Marketing-Mix Solution
2013020466313762041KONERU, SUJAY36246 SENSE INSIGHTSSales Prediction System Method
2014022248813761639KONERU, SUJAY3624IBMQuantifying The Quality Of Trend Lines
2007003849011203324KONERU, SUJAY3624IBMAnalyzing Business Architecture
2011030714112814859ROTARU, OCTAVIAN3624ON BOARD COMMUNICATIONSDetermining Equipment Utilization
2013002295613189193ROTARU, OCTAVIAN3624SYSMEXAnalyzer Method For Performing A Measurement On A Sample
2008020170811692309ROTARU, OCTAVIAN3624NOVELLVirtualized Workflow Processing
2013007411013669589AIRAPETIAN, MILA3625LINKEDINParallel Fact Checking
2013005188713486686AIRAPETIAN, MILA3625ADVANTAGE TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATIONSIdentifying Stacking Splitting Of Stenographic Keystrokes
2013019819613763856AIRAPETIAN, MILA3625LINKEDINSelective Fact Checking Method System
2013026839213442501DESAI, RESHA3625SEARS BRANDSPresenting Product Recommendations
2012026558513528592DESAI, RESHA3625QUICKPAYLocation Based System For Entry Exit
2013012435413671327GARG, YOGESH C3625EXBIBLIOAutomatic Modification Of Web Pages
n/a12776961GARG, YOGESH C3625
2013025407513747396HAQ, NAEEM U3625SCIQUESTTaxonomy Data Structure For An Electronic Procurement System
2012019157513358494HAQ, NAEEM U3625CITRIX SYSTEMSEnabling Communication Of Identity Information During Online Transaction
2012031079113150568HAQ, NAEEM U3625AT&TClothing Visualization
2005021630411137076MISIASZEK, MICHAEL3625W.W. GRAINGERElectronically Creating A Customized Catalog
2013014476613817089MISIASZEK, MICHAEL3625RAKUTENComment Submission Support System Comment Submission Support Device Comment Submission Support Device Control Method Program Information Storage Medium
2013017339713339154MISIASZEK, MICHAEL3625TARGET BRANDSRecently Viewed Items Display Area
2012026563113303983MISIASZEK, MICHAEL3625SHIFT4Enabling Merchants To Share Tokens
2013019803413709358MISIASZEK, MICHAEL3625MUSIC CHOICECross Channel Delivery System Method
2011023853312731025MISIASZEK, MICHAEL3625INVISIBLEHAND SOFTWAREData Processing
2015029433814750081PALAVECINO, KATHLEEN GAGE3625Network-Based Marketplace Service For Facilitating Purchases Of Bundled Services Products
2013017930313346549PALAVECINO, KATHLEEN GAGE3625GOOGLEEnabling Real-Time Product Vendor Identification
2013025406913896996PALAVECINO, KATHLEEN GAGE3625DO IT BESTGenerating An Order For Purchase
2012017335412982393PALAVECINO, KATHLEEN GAGE3625VERIZONProviding A Unified Messaging Modeling Infrastructure
2011001602112821554PALAVECINO, KATHLEEN GAGE3625JWL IP HOLDINGSScripted Content Delivery
2010015322812549277PALAVECINO, KATHLEEN GAGE3625QUALCOMMBundling Application Services With Inbuilt Connectivity Management
2009016489711961599PALAVECINO, KATHLEEN GAGE3625YAHOORecommendation System Using Social Behavior Analysis Vocabulary Taxonomies
2013019803513800774ROSEN, NICHOLAS D3625BOOM PAYMENTSConfirming Local Marketplace Transaction Consummation For Online Payment Consummation
2012002177413248991ROSEN, NICHOLAS D3625GOOGLEContext-Influenced Application Recommendations
2013009107113562012ROSEN, NICHOLAS D3625GOOGLEProduct Catalog Dynamically Tailored To User-Selected Media Content
2013018517613352893ROSEN, NICHOLAS D3625CELLCO PARTNERSHIP D B A VERIZON WIRELESSCross Channel Real Time Awareness Framework
2015027768114230864SEIBERT, CHRISTOPHER B3625MONTICELLO ENTERPRISESProviding A Single Input Field Having Multiple Processing Possibilities
2013023846813412994WOLCOTT, ALEX E3625XEROXManaging Distribution Of Digital Rights Revenue For Integrated System
2009028172412119316BURGESS, JOSEPH D3626APPLEMap Service With Network-Based Query For Search
2010027448312430492CHNG, JOY P3626GOOGLE TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGSErgonomic User Interface For A Portable Navigation Device
2013005447813199545GILLIGAN, CHRISTOPHER L3626ELWHAReporting Ingestible Product Preparation System Method
2013015901913768765GILLIGAN, CHRISTOPHER L3626DR SYSTEMSProviding Dynamic Customizable Medical Examination Forms
2013006057913560934GILLIGAN, CHRISTOPHER L3626ONEMEDNETDevices For Managing Medical Images Records
2011012307912625898GILLIGAN, CHRISTOPHER L3626PENRAD TECHNOLOGIESMammography Information System
2011012552612625926GILLIGAN, CHRISTOPHER L3626PENRAD TECHNOLOGIESMultiple Modality Mammography Image Gallery Clipping System
2011008571512578826LULTSCHIK, WILLIAM G3626CARESTREAM HEALTHMethod For Locating An Interproximal Tooth Region
2006024197511473960PAULS, JOHN A3626HEALTH HERO NETWORKMulti-User Remote Health Monitoring System With Biometrics Support
2014012925914073812RAPILLO, KRISTINE K36262020 VISION CENTEREnabling Customers To Obtain Vision Eye Health Examinations
2013034363014011947REYES, REGINALD R3626Automatic Interpretation Of Computer Tomography Scan Data
2014000369914011906REYES, REGINALD R3626Automatic Interpretation Of Computer Tomography Scan Data
2009030424212092528REYES, REGINALD R3626HITACHIImage Analyzing System Method
2014009518713710167SOREY, ROBERT A3626Tracking Goods
2010004232312440754SOREY, ROBERT A3626TOYOTACollision Prediction Device
2012028404113460824TOMASZEWSKI, MICHAEL3626JVMIntegrated Drug Management Of Providing Prescription Drugs By Using The Same
2014020109514155205TOMASZEWSKI, MICHAEL3626CERNER INNOVATIONHealthcare Assurance System
2013024608813793848TOMASZEWSKI, MICHAEL3626HILL ROM SERVICESAlgorithm For Predicting Mitigating Adverse Events
2011025185013085298TOMASZEWSKI, MICHAEL3626PROVIDER MEDSOn Site Prescription Management Health Care Facilities
2011023120212728721WINSTON III, EDWARD B3626AI CURE TECHNOLOGIESCollection Of Protocol Adherence Data
2010019849612365151WINSTON III, EDWARD B3626TELENAVNavigation System With Path Prediction Method Of Operation Thereof
2010016479112347371WINSTON III, EDWARD B3626AT&TProviding Mapping Data
2010021767612392192AMSDELL, DANA3627Automatically Adding Gratuity To Amount Charged In Electronic Transaction
2011011291812915550AMSDELL, DANA3627MASTERCARD INTERNATIONALRisk Management In Payment-Enabled Mobile Device
2011021887112893834AMSDELL, DANA3627VISA INTERNATIONAL SERVICE ASSOCIATIONPortable Account Number For Consumer Payment Account
2010028687212838529AMSDELL, DANA3627TOYOTAParking Assisting Apparatus
2011007171112727976AMSDELL, DANA3627PENNY & GILES CONTROLSController Control Method For A Motorised Vehicle
2008028152012117925AMSDELL, DANA3627TOPCONPositioning System Receiving Terminal Used Therein
2009004350211837331AMSDELL, DANA3627CISCONavigating Using Multiple Modalities
2008005934411516823AMSDELL, DANA3627SAPAnalyzing Stock Differences In A Supply Chain
2014006756813601786BUCHANAN, CHRISTOPHER R3627WAL MART STORESLocating Organizing Digital Receipt Data For Use In In-Store Audits
2010018539112689231BUCHANAN, CHRISTOPHER R3627HTCRecording Medium For Selecting Location
2008024365511778250BUCHANAN, CHRISTOPHER R3627LUCENTImplementing Rating Timer Control In A Pre-Biller To Support Online Offline Charging
2014011482513659754CHAMPAGNE, LUNA3627MASTERCARD INTERNATIONALRouting E-Invoices
2012003007312845420CHAMPAGNE, LUNA3627IBMCreation Use Of Constraint Templates
2014025800713785970CHEIN, ALLEN C3627BANK OF AMERICAMobile Device As Point Of Transaction For In-Store Purchases
2013008027413636418CHEIN, ALLEN C3627MASTERCARD INTERNATIONALDelivery Of Information Services To Personal Devices
2011013775912962528CHEIN, ALLEN C3627AETHONProviding Information Regarding A Status Of An Item
2015017867714139172DANNEMAN, PAUL3627EBAYKiosk For Receiving Delivering Packages
2014005262514048874DANNEMAN, PAUL3627METABANKTransfer Account System Computer Program Products Associated Computer-Implemented Method
2014000619614013819DANNEMAN, PAUL3627PAYPALDynamic Funding
2013034594113974159DANNEMAN, PAUL3627EATONShift Rail Transmission Position Sensing
2014037226113920856DANNEMAN, PAUL3627MASTERCARD INTERNATIONALSystem And/Or Method For Determining Needs Ability Assessment
2014033715013889242DANNEMAN, PAUL3627Automatic Receipt Logging Notifications For Transactions
2013013221913680824DANNEMAN, PAUL3627MOZIDOUsing A Mobile Wallet Infrastructure To Support Multiple Mobile Wallet Providers
2015003948113959490DANNEMAN, PAUL3627CALIXService Utilization Browser Plug-In
2013011716313668822DANNEMAN, PAUL3627An Inventory Aggregator
2010003675812248127HAIDER, FAWAAD3627VISAProcessing Fees For A Card
2011022507313047302OBAID, FATEH M3627SAMSUNGApparatus Method For Performing Wireless Charging
2010023523412788830OBAID, FATEH M3627HOSHIKOTransacting With Network Traffic
2014036534514362990OBAID, FATEH M3627PANASONICInformation-Providing Method Information-Providing System
2014032465214331078OBAID, FATEH M3627AT&TPassive Rfid Postage Stamps Method Of Using The Same
2013013221413684062OBAID, FATEH M3627STARBUCKSCooking Management
2013008861513629198OBAID, FATEH M3627BARBARO TECHNOLOGIESConducting A Transaction In A Virtual Environment
2012017334712981616OBAID, FATEH M3627SAMSUNGAutomatic Tracking Decoding Barcode By Means Of Portable Devices Having Digital Cameras
2007006285110553292OBAID, FATEH M3627RED PARCEL POSTDistributing Packages Other Similar Dispatched Articles
2012003004312846576OBAID, FATEH M3627BANK OF AMERICAWearable Financial Indicator
2004025488310687534OBAID, FATEH M3627APPLESubmitting Media For Network-Based Purchase Distribution
2010032477112866555ORTIZ ROMAN, DENISSE Y3627TOYOTAAutonomous Moving Body Its Control Method Control System
2011015344212802546ORTIZ ROMAN, DENISSE Y3627Establishing Credit On A Cash Register Or Printer
2015027877313554586ORTIZ ROMAN, DENISSE Y3627GOFIGURE PAYMENTSMobile Payment System Method
2012004703713214368ORTIZ ROMAN, DENISSE Y3627TOSHIBAStore System Sales Registration Method
2011006049412860948ORTIZ ROMAN, DENISSE Y3627YAMAHASaddle Riding Type Vehicle
2013007340313234056ORTIZ ROMAN, DENISSE Y3627TELETECH HOLDINGSActivating Services Associated With A Product Via A Service Center Supporting A Variety Of Products
2010007687912594238ORTIZ ROMAN, DENISSE Y3627ZTEProviding Services Via Peer-To-Peer-Based Next Generation Network
2009020451412028918ORTIZ ROMAN, DENISSE Y3627IBMMedia For Managing Shared Inventory In A Virtual Universe
2008004050211456734ORTIZ ROMAN, DENISSE Y3627WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITYAutomated Tracking Of Class Attendance
2011020921013100387RACIC, MILENA3627JPMORGAN CHASE BANKSingle Sign-On Session Management Without Central Server
2011013111712989752RACIC, MILENA3627WINCOR NIXDORF INTERNATIONALAdministration System For Monitoring Of Disposal Processes For Money
2013003096513191166ROJAS, HAJIME S3627PAYPALLocation-Based Payer Charging System
2010031242112773965ROJAS, HAJIME S3627EUROCOPTERAssisting In Piloting A Hybrid Helicopter A Hybrid Helicopter Provided With Such A Device A Method Implemented By Said Device
2010025005312680719ROJAS, HAJIME S3627CONTINENTALTachograph Toll Onboard Unit Display Instrument System
2012021452113463037ROJAS, HAJIME S3627ENVISIONITVerifying Message Delivery Integrity In A Wireless Mobile Message Broadcasting System
2012021440513463033ROJAS, HAJIME S3627ENVISIONITMessage Receipt Verification In A Wireless Mobile Message Broadcasting System
2010027234712810777ROJAS, HAJIME S3627LAM RESEARCHDynamic Alignment Beam Calibration
2013016642312365138ROJAS, HAJIME S3627ADOBEProviding Content On Connected Devices
2008030100911756160ROJAS, HAJIME S3627AMAZON TECHNOLOGIESProviding Fulfillment Services
2013023020513774992SHEIKH, ASFAND M3627RICOHExpense Report System With Receipt Image Processing
2013008064513683397SHEIKH, ASFAND M3627INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIESProviding Real-Time Communications Services
2013008483013683355SHEIKH, ASFAND M3627INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIESProviding Real-Time Communication Services
2009009414512282880SHEIKH, ASFAND M3627NAVERAutomatically Completed General Recommended Word Advertisement Recommended Word
2009031942912183844SHEIKH, ASFAND M3627BANK OF AMERICACash Positioning Reporting
2014000618613562614WILDER, ANDREW H3627BANK OF AMERICAReadable Indicia For Fuel Purchase
2013013851813308180WILDER, ANDREW H3627AT&TWireless Transactions For Enhancing Customer Experience
2010029302312464448WILDER, ANDREW H3627INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIESFramework For Developing Enterprise Service Architecture
2012022144413035734WILDER, ANDREW H3627RED HATMessage Queue Based Product Asset Management Auditing System
2009015026612323134WILDER, ANDREW H3627U.S. BANKBuyer Routing Arrangements Method For Disparate Network System
2015026218814702722YU, ARIEL J3627Customer Service Management System
2012015067313324970YU, ARIEL J3627MAGTEKConducting Financial Transactions Using Non-Standard Magstripe Payment Cards
2011027644212773550YU, ARIEL J3627BRIDGEWATER SYSTEMSUser-Centric Mobile Device-Based Data Communications Cost Monitoring Control
2012007225613212961YU, ARIEL J3627Vehicle Impound Auctioning Management System
2008029448812125734YU, ARIEL J3627HUSSMANNSupply Chain Management System
2009028185112437418YU, ARIEL J3627SALESFORCE.COMDetermining On-Line Influence In Social Media
2010029291312308478YU, ARIEL J3627ROBERT BOSCHMap Data Method For Generating Maps Navigation Device
2013033907113970410ALLEN, AKIBA KANELLE3628LIVE NATION ENTERTAINMENTQueuing Access To Network Resources
2011002914712830019ALLEN, AKIBA KANELLE3628ALSTOMMulti-Interval Dispatch Method For Enabling Dispatchers In Power Grid Control Centers To Manage Changes
2010019154912359228ALLEN, AKIBA KANELLE3628MICROSOFTIcafe Pre-Ordering
2014020585913694943CAMPBELL, SHANNON S3628Electroless Silvering Ink
2015014938214614875CHEN, GEORGE YUNG CHIEH3628BROADRIDGE INVESTOR COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONSAutomated On-Demand Customizable Assembling High Throughput Printing Of Documents
2014008901513624873CHEN, GEORGE YUNG CHIEH3628PALO ALTO RESEARCH CENTERProviding Just-In-Time Loading Zone Parking
2012023958813349557CHEN, GEORGE YUNG CHIEH3628CUMMINS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTYDetermining Freight/Load Distribution For Multiple Vehicles
2015015455814614919CHEN, GEORGE YUNG CHIEH3628BROADRIDGE INVESTOR COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONSAutomated On-Demand Customizable Assembling High Throughput Printing Of Documents
2011013128612972610CHEN, GEORGE YUNG CHIEH3628BOOKITBooking Method System
2013004666313211482HARRINGTON, MICHAEL P3628ANALOG DEVICESMeasuring Active/Reactive Powers
2014008902114094669JUNG, ALLEN J3628PALO ALTO RESEARCH CENTER; XEROXProviding Multi-Locational Curbside Valet Parking Services
2006000467511154866JUNG, ALLEN J3628UNITED PARCEL SERVICE OF AMERICAOffline Processing A Carrier Management System
2013014466513746646VETTER, DANIEL3628TICKETMASTERComputer Aided Event Venue Setup Modeling Interactive Maps
2013010656913719583ABRAHAMSON, AMANDA C.3629SENTRILOCKVehicle Activity Module
2014027961514202218CASLER, TRACI3629LIVE NATION ENTERTAINMENTCentralized Device-Aware Ticket-Transfer System Method
2008015462311951988FLEISCHER, MARK A3629LIVE NATION ENTERTAINMENTAccess Control Using A Networked Turnstile
2014016223514025704FLEISCHER, MARK A3629GOOGLEDetermining Individuals For Online Groups
2011009911812912644FLEISCHER, MARK A3629AOLElectronic Distribution Of Job Listings
2011021892412718569FLEISCHER, MARK A3629ORACLEDistributed Order Orchestration System For Adjusting Long Running Order Management Fulfillment Processes With Delta Attributes
2012025979313082710LINDSEY III, JOHNATHAN J3629COMPUTER ASSOCIATES THINKTransaction Model With Structural Behavioral Description Of Complex Transactions
2011013766712959876LINDSEY III, JOHNATHAN J3629SIEMENSSales Estimating Tool For Building Control System
2011000449912496881LINDSEY III, JOHNATHAN J3629IBMTraceability Management For Aligning Solution Artifacts With Business Goals In A Service Oriented Architecture Environment
2010022309712396467OFORI-AWUAH, MAAME3629GROUPONProviding Information To Contacts Without Being Given Contact Data
2008000170411818321OUELLETTE, JONATHAN P3629Childcare Tracking System Method
2013000688313595831OUELLETTE, JONATHAN P3629WORKSCAPEPerformance Drive Compensation For Enterprise-Level Human Capital Management
2013004670613497494OUELLETTE, JONATHAN P3629EMPIRE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENTAnalyzing Communications To Determine Business Entity Popularity
2010028096412770336OUELLETTE, JONATHAN P3629Issuance Conveyance Management Of Endorsements
2014013641714157423ALI, HATEM M3691GONOW TECHNOLOGIESPortable E-Wallet Universal Card
2013020099913836864ALI, HATEM M3691DIGITAL LIFE TECHNOLOGIESPortable E-Wallet Universal Card
2013002437213630248ALI, HATEM M3691DIGITAL LIFE TECHNOLOGIESPortable E-Wallet Universal Card
2012012393713359352ALI, HATEM M3691DIGITAL LIFE TECHNOLOGIESPortable E-Wallet Universal Card
2013013421613717363ALI, HATEM M3691DIGITAL LIFE TECHNOLOGIESPortable E-Wallet Universal Card
2013023203313870144HAMILTON, LALITA M3691BROADCOMBilling Support In A Media Exchange Network
2015018685214644917HAMILTON, LALITA M3691BANK OF AMERICAIncident Management For Automated Teller Machines
2012017949413354915HAMILTON, LALITA M3691HSBC TECHNOLOGIESAccount Opening Flow Configuration Computer System Process For Implementing Same
2014022265214254030KAZIMI, HANI M3691EPITUser Interface For An Electronic Trading System
2011032033913229676KAZIMI, HANI M3691TRADING TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONALInterface For Historical Display Of Market Information
2013013213713746044KAZIMI, HANI M3691IBMOnline Registration Block Tracking For Travel Wholesalers Agencies Hotels
2012031080713316952POINVIL, FRANTZY3691HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCEGraphically Enabled Retirement Planning
2012033082613599285POINVIL, FRANTZY3691Virtual Accounts Linked To Financial Accounts
2015022092314171189POINVIL, FRANTZY3691FMRReal-Time Spend Management With Savings Goals
2012017342113496413POINVIL, FRANTZY3691NTTElectronic Settlement Server Program Thereof
2015011273014057419BAIRD, EDWARD J3692STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCEAssessing Risk Using Vehicle Environment Information
2013005432013561244JOHNSON, GREGORY L3692Fast Mobile Payment
2010008822812572321LIU, I JUNG3692IBMDual Layer Authentication For Electronic Payment Request In Online Transactions
2011017904213079690WONG, ERIC TAK WAI3692Object Modeling For Exploring Large Data Sets
2011025195513133369AMELUNXEN, BARBARA J3693NXPEnhanced Smart Card Usage
2013015915713328961BORLINGHAUS, JASON M3693PALO ALTO RESEARCH CENTEREnergy-Disutility Modeling For Agile Demand Response
2014025787414203356MAGUIRE, LINDSAY M3693STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCEDetermining Monitoring Auto Insurance Incentives
2014030415613856217ANDERSON, MIKE W.3694GELLER NAKIAGold Precious Metal Buying Machine Method
2014018093913909482APPLE, KIRSTEN SACHWITZ3694APPLICATIONS IN INTERNET TIMEIntegrated Change Management Unit
2009019852212002376ZIEGLE, STEPHANIE M3694HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCEEquity/Interest Rate Hybrid Hedging System Method
2009031935512141720OYEBISI, OJO O3695MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY LICENSINGPresenting Advertisements Based On Web-Page Interaction
2014024449413792764PRINSLOW, GARRISON T3695DIGIMARCSmartphone Payments
2010016134312342908ROBINSON, KITO R3695NCRObtaining Diagnostic Data From A Device At A Remote Location
2014007472013609197TIBLJAS, SHACOLE C3695KING FAHD UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM & MINERALSVirtual Account Token-Based Digital Cash Protocols
2014016423314100876CHANG, EDWARD3696Data Extraction Method
2013033235413915173CHANG, EDWARD3696SAMSUNGMobile Device and Control Method Thereof
2015022792714175786KING JR., JOSEPH W3696BANK OF AMERICARevocation Of Application Access Based On Non-Co-Located
2015016158214623418NGUYEN, LIZ P3696QUISKSelf-Authenticating Peer To Peer Transaction
2013023836813864687NIQUETTE, ROBERT R3696PROGRESSIVE CASUALTY INSURANCECustomizable Insurance System
2014027944714272367PATEL, JAGDISH3696SQUARETransferring Money Using Email
2014004012413945533PATEL, JAGDISH3696SONYPhysical-Quantity Receiving Device Physical-Quantity Supplying Device Physical-Quantity Receiving Method Physical-Quantity Supplying Method Storage Medium Having Physical-Quantity Receiving Program Storage Medium Having Physical-Quantity Supplying Program

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