A faster and more secure electronic invoice submission and payment solution​​

A faster and more secure electronic invoice submission and payment solution​​

At Fenwick & West, we are excited to be shaping our services to better serve our vendors. Wit​h FenPay, Fenwick’s electronic payables program, we’re able to pay our vendors electronically, thereby delivering safer and more efficient payments.

Invoice Submissions​

We’re pleased to partner with Chrome River CAPTURE, a service that centralizes invoice processing. By sending your invoices via email, documents are immediately received for processing, eliminating postal service costs and delays, and significantly reducing the risk of loss. The invoice should be sent after the delivery of the goods or on completion of the services performed.

Attach invoices as PDFs in your email and send to fenwick.capture@chromefile.com.

Please take a few minutes to view Fenwick’s invoice ​submission guidelines​.

Invoice Payments

Fenwick is committed to streamlining payment solutions that allow us to offer quick, seamless invoice submission and secure payment turnaround for our valued vendors. That’s why we are leveraging our long-standing partnership with Vendorin, the leading authority in electronic payments under a new program name: FenPay.

FenPay expands Fenwick’s current Electronic Payment Program, including secure, seamless, and smart vendor payments with 24-hour access to the Vendorin True Payment Network. Fenwick & West has partnered with Vendorin to provide electronic payment management because of their strong reputation in the electronic payment space and because of their stance on protecting our vendors’ valuable payment information.

By converting to electronic payments, we can pay our vendors faster, more efficiently and with more visibility into payment status than ever before – which is why electronic payment is the preferred method for all vendors.

If you sign up for FenPay program via Virtual Card (MasterCard) or ACH, we will pay you according to the terms listed below. Otherwise our terms for check payments is 45 days.

We can pay you in one of three ways:

  • Virtual Card payments - payment immediately upon receipt and approval of invoice.
  • ACH payments - payment within 15 days from receipt of invoice.​
  • Check payments - if you choose to continue to receive check payments, payment will be within 45 days from receipt of invoice.

Learn more about receiving payment via the FenPay Program and how to register.

Our Frequently Asked Questions​ also help answer some of our vendors’ the most common questions.

Next Steps

Registration takes less than five minutes to complete online or over-the-phone with the FenPay Registration Services Team at (888) 618-2550. Please email Vendorin with any registration-related questions.

If you have any questions or concerns about Fenwick's new invoice submission and electronic payment process, please email our accounts payable de​partment​.​

Our electronic payables program has been a proven success with our vendors so you can enroll with confidence. Join us in advancing to new levels of payment innovation with FenPay!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​