Fenwick First

Fenwick’s collaborative culture invites associates to take ownership in developing meaningful careers. Through the unique free market system, individuals are empowered to seek out work, teammates and practice areas that most interest them. This uniquely self-directed approach fosters skillsets that serve individuals throughout their professional life, but it’s not something that is learned in a day. To help first-year associates scale the learning curve, we provide a robust integration program called Fenwick First.

Fenwick First introduces associates to the firm’s way of work through numerous ongoing training programs and support groups. With the support of professional practice managers, individuals learn how to choose work from a variety of matters, meet a broad mix of attorneys at all levels, and start to understand the basics for navigating the free market system.

The resources offered by Fenwick First include:

  • Experienced Practice Managers.
    For the first three months, associates work directly with professionals aligned with an associate’s relevant practice area. The practice management team helps associates learn how to navigate the firm and its resources, manage workloads and understand how to chart a career in the free market system.
  • Cohort Support.
    From the first week, associates are connected with a “go-to” group of peers with common practices and geographic locations. The cohort provides opportunities for peer bonding, to ask questions, share experiences, and troubleshoot issues that come up while in the early stages of their career. 
  • Mentoring Circles.
    These circles comprise peers, practice managers and a partner and are designed to create an engaging group dynamic where associates can gain insights from mentors with varying perspectives.
  • Fenwick University.
    Associates attend Fenwick University, a guided introductory program designed to provide training on critical business and professional skills needed to succeed at Fenwick.

Fenwick First helps first-year associates launch themselves on a path of growth and learning. Along that path, the associates who succeed master the challenges of delivering excellent legal work and client services, and also learn how their contributions build stronger teams and a better firm.