Free Market System

Fenwick’s free market system encourages associates to operate with a high level of autonomy, providing them the freedom to shape their career path by seeking out and accepting assignments that align with their goals and interests. The free market system differs from other firms’ traditional work assignment systems, which often assign work based primarily on hours and firm needs.

The free-market approach enables associates to build a diverse skill set and find their areas of interest through working on a range of matters and client teams across offices, industries and practice areas. This approach encourages associates to take an active role early on in shaping their practice at the firm.

The practice management team and attorney mentors at all levels help associates navigate their opportunities and responsibilities. The system encourages significant collaboration and mentorship between senior and junior attorneys. The firm’s free market is part of the holistic approach toward developing the entrepreneurial mindset that is so prevalent among our clients and firm culture.

Testimonials From Associates

“As a lateral I have been given the opportunity to explore various practices and I am able to decide which kind of work I want to take on, which is invaluable.”

“Fenwick embraces a very entrepreneurial spirit—attorneys are given as much responsibility as they can demonstrate they are able to handle. Partners do a good job of pushing attorneys outside of their comfort zones, though they remain accessible for questions and discussions when needed.”

Testimonials were collected and reported by Firsthand.