12th Annual Rocky Mountain IP Tech Institute

Hosted By: Colorado Bar Association

The IP Institute returns in 2014 with a deep dive into developments of practical import to your practice. Across patent prosecution and litigation practice, trademarks, trade dress and copyrights, licensing practice and the role of business transactions and finance, IP '14 will provide you with timely and practical insights about substantive changes in the law and the subtle, but important inflection points and "hinges" on which IP practice is changing rapidly.

What's new at the PTAB? How to coordinate post-grant review and litigation? What happens when your trademark cease and desist goes viral? Do your e-commerce clients have to collect sales and use taxes nationwide now? What are the perils of IP in the digital workplace? What about predatory copyright enforcement, the trademarking of #hashtags, and fluid trademarks? How do the finance people, the bankers and investors view your clients' IP - how do they value it and what will they fund?

Join us at IP '14, reconnect with colleagues and former co-workers, friends and thought leaders nationwide - and stay on the forward edge of what's changing in IP law!​