2015 CWL Annual Conference

Hosted By: California Women Lawyers

Panels to include:

  • The Grit Project: Using Grit and Growth Mindset to Advance Women Lawyers (MCLE)
  • Transgender Issues: Discrimination Based on Gender Identity and Expression (MCLE)
  • Effective Negotiating Strategies for Women in the Legal Profession (MCLE)
  • Lawyers Have Rights Too: Pregnancy, Lactation, and Related Accommodation Issues Female Attorneys Face in the Workplace (MCLE)
  • Mentors, Sponsors, Coaches: Buzzwords or Necessary for Moving Up?
  • What In House Counsel Really Want from Outside Counsel (MCLE)
  • Building and Leveraging Your Own Book of Business
  • Sexual Harassment and Implicit Bias Toward Female Attorneys: Interactive Case Studies (MCLE)​