28th Annual All Hands Meeting

Hosted By: Ivy Associates

The All Hands Meeting is a unique, multifaceted and affordable annual event tailored to the special needs of in-house professionals whose companies rely upon intellectual property. Scores of cutting-edge CLE presentations address the spectrum of legal, regulatory and ethical issues this community faces on a daily basis. Attendees can also browse exhibits about the latest products and services to increase their productivity and effectiveness. And, as part of the largest gathering of its kind, attendees have abundant opportunities to meet and connect with similar professionals in a comfortable, enjoyable setting.

10:00 am- 12 pm

Stephen Gillespie/Jeff Lusczc/Jason Buttura
Fenwick & West LLP/Palamida, Inc./Cisco Systems, Inc.

Though perhaps not every company has entered the "post-proprietary era," every tech legal department needs to keep an eye on evolving open source issues, if only to avoid stepping across the threshold. This presentation will review developments in open source policies, licensing regimes, "taint" avoidance and removal, and the intersection with M&A transactions and patent prosecution.​​​