AUTM Annual Meeting

Hosted By: AUTM

AUTM’s Annual Meeting invites technology transfer professionals from around the globe to network, make deals and gain valuable insights from world-class speakers and panels. Be ready for on-point, face-to-face networking and professional development sessions to keep you up-to-date on the hottest industry trends.

John McNelis, IP partner and co-chair of Fenwick's autonomous transportation and shared mobility practice, is speaking on a panel titled "IP Trends and Successful Practices." Join John and his fellow panelists on March 10. More details about the panel are below:

  • Secrecy orders from the US Patent and Trademark Office can be highly disruptive to a university. In a university setting, the values of publication freedom — as well as the ability of a student to progress toward a degree, freely pursue research and commercialize those research results — can all be jeopardized by secrecy orders. In addition, such technology is immediately considered under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). This session will explore specific disruptive examples, along with strategies for minimizing risk, navigating the shortcomings in the regulations, challenging the secrecy order and normalizing technology transfer operations.