Automotive World - M:bility | California

Hosted By: Automotive World

Automotive World will host M:bility | California as a two-day conference designed to help stakeholders understand the future of mobility.

John McNelis, co-chair of Fenwick's autonomous transportation and shared mobility practice, is speaking on a panel titled "How will CASE reshape our cities?​​​​​​" Join John and his fellow panelists on September 18 at 1:30pm.

  • How and when will CASE alter the urban environment?
  • Will CASE lead to denser cities, greater urban sprawl, or both?
  • What challenges will ur​ban planners face when integrating CASE and how can they be overcome?
  • What role will legislators play in the future of u​rban mobility?
  • Will urban transport become more accessible and affordable?


  • Paul Asel, Managing Partner, NGP Capital
  • Nithin Rao, Co-Founder and Head of Product, Autonomic
  • Ethan Sorrelgreen, Chief Product Officer, CARMERA
  • John McNelis, Chair of Autonomous Transportation and Shared Mobility Practice, Fenwick & West​
  • Sean Zhu, Head of North America and co-founder, PixMoving

Grasp the future of mobility.​​​​​​​​​​


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