Copyright and Video Game Clones: Battle Royale of the Battles Royale

Hosted By: The Copyright Society of the USA

What features of a video game does copyright protect? How much can one game borrow from another? Can a mod even be infringed? Is “re-skinning” enough to avoid liability?

Join the Northern California chapter of the Copyright Society of the USA for a lively panel discussion of these and other questions in the context of the ongoing lawsuit between the publishers of Player Unknown Battlegrounds and two competing “Battle Royale” video games.​​


Jennifer Kelly, chair of Fenwick’s IP & Commercial Litigation Group and co-chair of the Games Industry Group

Chrissie Scelsi, U.S. General Counsel for Wargaming

Todd Smithline, Managing Principal of Smithline PC

Ethan Jacobs (moderator), partner at Holland Law​​​