Data Mapping and Electronic Information Management

Hosted By: Lorman

In the digitized world of the twenty-first century, it is more important than ever for every organization to know as much as possible about the information it creates, stores, receives and maintains. You will learn how to: develop multipurpose menus or charts of key storage locations and contents; use data-mapping to achieve day-to-day efficiencies in operations and retrieval and to comply with various privacy laws; manage and minimize risks of smoking gun content, data leakages and excessive costs and be better prepared for e-discovery for incident-response, government inquiries and litigation.

Fenwick counsel Robert Brownstone is speaking during this live webinar titled "Data Mapping and Electronic Information Management.​​​​​​" Join Robert on October 29 at 10:00am PDT. See the agenda below.

Technology and Information-Risk-Management:

  • Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Liability Risks
  • Records-Retention and EIM Regimes

Benefits to Be Derived From Data Mapping:

  • E-discovery/Litigation Preparedness and Risk-Insulation
  • Governance, Risk-Management and Compliance

Data-Mapping Approaches/Processes

Descriptions and Excerpts of Different Kinds of Maps

​​​​​​Clients and friends of the firm can attend at a discount. If interested please reach out to