Data Privacy and Information Security Compliance Under Heightened Scrutiny: Responding to a Data Breach or Cyber Attack

Hosted By: Strafford Publications

This CLE webinar will provide corporate counsel with an analysis of recent legal developments impacting data privacy and information security compliance. The panel will outline proactive strategies to reduce the likelihood of a data breach and provide best practices for responding if a breach occurs.

A recent report published by cybersecurity firm Shape Security showed that 80 to 90 percent of the people who log in to a retailer's e-commerce site are hackers using stolen data. This danger, along with the surge in data privacy class actions, emphasizes the need for corporate counsel to fine-tune their companies’ policies and practices for managing private customer and employee electronic information.

Breaches in data security damage the reputations of companies and put trade secrets and confidential information at risk. They also increase the likelihood of federal and state and overseas enforcement actions, class action suits and fines in the U.S. and abroad. Companies' use of cloud computing to virtually store private information has raised a host of new privacy and security concerns for corporate counsel. Recent well-publicized incidents of irretrievable loss of virtually stored information should push counsel to negotiate agreements with cloud vendors that specifically include data security measures.

Listen as our authoritative panel of privacy and data security attorneys/technologists examines recent legal developments impacting data privacy and security compliance. The panel will outline proactive legal strategies for counsel to reduce the risks associated with data breaches and best practices for responding to a breach to minimize liability.


  • Robert Brownstone, Fenwick & West
  • Isis Miranda, London Fischer
  • Roberta Anderson Sutton, RAS Enterprise Risk Management Services