Data Privacy and Security Compliance

Hosted By: Strafford

Recent high profile data breaches at Target, Apple, Neiman Marcus, Home Depot and other major companies; the surge in data privacy class actions; the new NIST federal Cybersecurity Framework; as well as EU Data Directive reform expected in 2015 emphasize the need for corporate counsel to fine-tune their policies and practices for managing private customer and employee electronic information.

Breaches in data security damage the reputations of companies and put trade secrets, confidential corporate information and individual customers’ and employees’ personally identifiable information at risk. They also increase the likelihood of state and federal enforcement actions, fines and class action suits.

Companies’ growing use of cloud computing to virtually store private information raises a host of new privacy and security concerns for corporate counsel. Recent well-publicized incidents of virtually stored information being irretrievably lost should push counsel to negotiate agreements with cloud vendors that specifically include data security measures.

Listen as our authoritative panel of data-privacy and information-security attorneys examines recent legal developments impacting compliance with a patchwork of international and U.S. rules. The panel will outline proactive legal and technology strategies for counsel to reduce the risks associated with data breaches and best practices for responding to a breach to minimize potential liability and reputational damage.