Data Security Breaches: Proactive Prevention and Reactive Remedies

Hosted By: Lorman

21st century data-privacy compliance and overall information security have become increasingly difficult, given the ever-expanding universe of data leakage concerns. High profile data breaches, such as at Equifax, Target, Neiman Marcus, Yahoo!, Verizon Enterprise Solutions and other major companies, keep occurring. Given the frequency of those breaches, and in light of the EU's amended privacy laws that will take effect in 2018, companies need to fine-tune their policies and practices for managing private and sensitive electronic information. In both good times and bad, a number of compliance measures can help any organization do its best to protect not only individual customers' and employees' personally identifiable information (PII) but also entities' sensitive proprietary information and intellectual property. Learn more about some crucial liability and reputational risks and how to mitigate them.​​