E-Discovery Under the GDPR: Tension With U.S. Rules and Avoiding Penalties for Noncompliance

Hosted By: Strafford

This CLE webinar will offer suggestions to litigators to help them comply with the new GDPR during e-discovery. Now that the GDPR is in full effect, litigators in the United States must take steps consistent with the GDPR and recognize that possible significant penalties exist for failure to comply with the new regulations when conducting e-discovery.

Discovery of personal data held in the European Union (EU) has bedeviled U.S. litigants for some time. On the one hand, the U.S. Supreme Court has held that foreign statutes designed to thwart U.S. discovery efforts will not excuse noncompliance with U.S. discovery requests. On the other, EU privacy regulators now have the authority to impose significant financial sanctions on U.S. companies that fail to take proper steps to protect EU personal data. In short, efforts to obtain discovery from abroad often catch U.S. practitioners and litigants between a rock and a hard place.

Listen as our distinguished panel discusses the tensions that exist between U.S. law and the GDPR, as well as best practices for complying with the new EU regulations and avoiding unnecessary penalties and fines.​


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