Electronic Record Retention: Developing Up-to-date Policies & Practices

Hosted By: National Constitution Center Conferences

Electronic record retention, such as deleting, saving and organizing, presents a confusing legal challenge for your clients. If they fail to comply with laws and rules on e-record retention, they could end up in legal issues. How can you provide legal guidance to reduce risk of noncompliance and avoid fines and penalties? Join us for this 90-minute, CLE webinar to discover:​

  • Keys to create a practical and useable electronic records retention policy
  • Answers to what records can and can't be stored electronically
  • Advising on going paperless - common risks & key pitfalls to avoid
  • Strategies for storage, retrieval and eDiscovery pre-collection of ESI
  • Dangers of over saving & under-saving - retention rules you must know