Electronic Record Retention Mistakes HR Professionals Can Avoid

A 21st century Human Resources Department is faced with many significant pressures, some of which can conflict with each other. This lively webinar explores how and why effective implementation of an electronic records program for HR data and personnel files requires building a strong three-legged stool, consisting of: appropriate use of computer technology; compliance with a wide range of legal rules; and execution of a sound process management regime.

Learn from an experienced employment lawyer and a hybrid technologist/lawyer how to navigate key regulatory rules, data security concerns and technology tools and platforms. You will not only glean many practical tips but also receive links to a wide range of resources that can help you and your colleagues plan and implement new processes and regimes.

Learning Objectives

  • You will be able to identify the benefits to be derived from going paperless.
  • You will be able to discuss legal authorities supporting eRecords.
  • You will be able to review data security, including Role-Based-Access-Control (RBAC).
  • You will be able to discuss scanning/dissemination protocols.