Electronic Records Retention

Hosted By: Aurora Training Advantage


  • Electronic Information Management (EIM) 101
  • Why keeping everything is almost as dangerous as keeping nothing
  • Prime considerations in implementing an effective Records Retention Program/Policy
  • Retention periods warranted by some key statutes, regulations and judicial decisions
  • HR-related records – significant legal rules, IT approaches and practicalities
  • Personnel “files” – key retention and privacy rules of law
  • Email, IM, voicemail, disaster recovery back-ups and other major EIM targets
  • Rewards and risks of regime change to enable “going paperless”
  • When and how to destroy electronically stored information (ESI)

WHO are the key players in revising or implementing a records retention regime?

WHAT could the priorities be in routinizing retention and destruction of ESI?

WHERE should one store categories of information comprising employees’ personnel “files”?

WHY invest resources in building out electronic records policies and protocols?

WHEN must routine disposition of ESI be suspended?​​