Electronic Records Retention Developing Up to date Policies and Practices

Navigating the complexities of electronic records retention, including organizing, deleting and securing information is an even harder task nowadays as the digital landscape continues to grow. How can you reduce your clients' risks of non-compliance as they transition to a paperless way of record-keeping yet maintain and protect all essential information? Join us for this live interactive, 90-minute CLE webinar where you will discover:

  • Keys to create a practical & useable electronic records retention policy
  • What types of records can & cannot be stored electronically?
  • Common risks associated with going paperless & key pitfalls to avoid
  • Best strategies for storage, retrieval & eDiscovery pre-collection of ESI
  • Dangers of over saving & under-saving: Retention rules you must know
  • Bonus: Attendees will be able to download some sample checklists that will be explained throughout the webinar.