GCV Institute: Navigating Down Rounds and Managing CVC Portfolios Through Market Uncertainty

Hosted By: Global Corporate Venturing

Following years of widely available capital and skyrocketing valuations, in 2023 both investors and startups are facing significant market uncertainty and potentially hard decisions.

Though new units continue to form at a record pace and CVC deal participation has have fallen more slowly than VC peers, many CVC investors are facing a downturn for the first time. They must now develop new strategies for managing and supporting existing portfolios, as well as for participating in both down rounds and new rounds.

In this webinar, we will tap the wisdom of downturn-hardened veterans to share their perspectives and experiences on how to make the best of a difficult situation.

The panel will discuss:

  • The impact of economic uncertainty on CVC portfolio management and investment strategies (offensive and defensive)
  • The intricacies of a down round (simple to more complex situations)Debt vs equity financing
  • How to be a good board member (or observer) in a bad time
  • Nuances and corporate process challenges for CVCs participating in down rounds

Speakers include:

  • Tammi Smorynksi, Managing Director, Intel Capital
  • Ian Goldstein, Partner, Fenwick & West
  • Dusty Lieb, Managing Partner & Head of Investments, Echo Health Ventures
  • Liz Arrington, Co-Founder and Managing Director, GCV Institute
  • Lee Sessions, Corporate Venture Ecosystem Lead, GCV Institute


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