Have E-Commerce Patents Been Effectively E-liminated from Patentable Subject Matter?

Hosted By: American Bar Association

In this program, our esteemed panel will review Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International and the guidance provided therein to draft valid and enforceable e-commerce patents.

There have been many articles forecasting the fall of e-commerce patents after Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International. These predictions have been supported recently by the high number of e-commerce patents being held invalid by United States Courts and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. However, this panel does not believe that Alice sounds the death knell for e-commerce patents.

In addition to discussing Alice, faculty will also review other guidelines, such as those issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and use real-world examples to illustrate the differences between an unenforceable and enforceable e-commerce patent. After attending this program, participants should feel confident in preparing effective and valid e-commerce patents.​​​