How Do Chinese Companies Fare in the U.S. Patent System

Hosted By: Orrick

Chinese companies have long recognized that their patent strategies are critical to their success in U.S. markets. But how have they fared and, more importantly, how can they do better? We will present a new comprehensive empirical study assessing how Chinese companies have performed in U.S. patent litigation from 2000 to 2013, taking a hard look at win/loss rates, default rates, and how mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong companies fare differently. In a detailed two-panel discussion, a distinguished group of experienced attorneys and business executives will comment on the result, their own experiences, and discuss strategies for Chinese companies from both litigation and PTO practice perspectives.&

Specific topics include:

Patent litigation

  • What common mistakes Chinese companies make during U.S. patent litigation and how to avoid them
  • How executives of Chinese companies perceive U.S. patent infringement lawsuits

Patent portfolio development

  • Best prosecution practices for developing a competitive U.S. patent portfolio
  • How in-house patent counsel at Chinese companies manage the growth of their patent portfolios
  • How Chinese companies can effectively use AIA post-grant procedures

This inaugural event will include sessions on:

  • The Role of the Board of Directors in a Venture-Backed Company
  • Legal Risks in Financing Transactions: Getting the Deal Done Safely
  • High Risk and Operating Challenges: Preserving Value at Exit and Beyond
  • Managing the IPO
  • M&A and the Trados Decision: Lessons to be Learned

CLE will be available.​