Intermediary Businesses, Consumer Technologies, and Online Platforms 2016: Law & Regulation

Hosted By: Practising Law Institute

Why You Should Attend

The Internet has spawned many new business models that arise from empowering consumers and satisfying their desires, providing technologies or services that bring individuals and businesses together in new marketplaces, shaking up old industries and networks, and creating new business opportunities and challenges. New technologies and online platforms and marketplaces have changed not only the world of publishing and entertainment but also varied industries such as insurance, hospitality, and transportation.

This program will focus on the varied issues that these “intermediary businesses” pose and face, ranging from intellectual property to trade policy to privacy to traditional modes of offline regulation. Those who attend this program will gain valuable new insights and specific information about how law and regulation address a broad array of structural industry changes and new consumer demands flowing from the digital revolution.

What You Will Learn

  • Copyright, trademark, and media law: learn from the experts about the latest developments in primary and secondary liability theories, and defenses and safe harbors, in suits against intermediary businesses
  • International policy development: learn about new policies on the horizon in the international sphere and how they develop, particularly in the treaty, trade agreement, economic policy analysis, and multi-stakeholder governance arenas​
  • Regulation: understand the roles of governmental regulatory frameworks and voluntary compliance or regulation programs and how they address intermediary businesses and the individuals and other businesses that use them
  • Litigation and government enforcement: hear about the latest risks, controversies and pressure points affecting intermediary businesses in a range of industries and markets

Who Should Attend

This program will benefit anyone who advises online platforms or marketplaces or consumer technology developers, who litigate for or against them, and who invests in new business or technology models or advises those investors. It will also benefit those who practice intellectual property law, technology law, media law, corporate law for startup or emerging growth companies, regulatory law, and litigation. This program will provide state-of-the-art information about cutting-edge business models and legal issues.