Issues Affecting Latinx VCs & Founders

Hosted By: Early Growth

The Latinx community is the fastest-growing demographic among all U.S. entrepreneurs. While the percentage of Americans running a business has stayed at a steady 6.2% over the past 20 years, Latinx founders have rocketed from 6.5% of all entrepreneurs in 2001 to 15% as of 2019.

Despite these advancements, funding and banking options for Latinx founders are limited. The venture capital community, including Act One Ventures and Chingona Ventures, are working to change that.

Early Growth’s webinar, “Issues Affecting Latinx VCs & Founders” will discuss topics related to financing and growing a business, as well as the issues that underrepresented ethnic groups might experience.

Michael Esquivel, Fenwick partner in the startup and corporate group, will be joined by:

  • Samara Mejia Hernandez, Chingona Ventures
  • Alejandro Guerrero, Act One Ventures
  • Daniela Corrente, Reel
  • Gadiel Morantes, Early Growth