Lithium-Ion Battery Patents – Understanding Infringement and Invalidity Through Recent Notable Litigation

Hosted By: PlugVolt

This presentation will discuss recent notable decisions in U.S. litigation of lithium-ion patents, and what those cases can teach us about infringement and invalidity issues in lithium-ion patents. The presentation will focus on the role played by weight/volume claim terms, the duty of disclosure and invention disclosure statements during prosecution, the importance of quantitative examples in lithium-ion patent specifications, and properly presenting prophetic and working examples.


  1. Recent notable decisions in U.S. district court and U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (IPRs) litigation of lithium-ion patents
  2. The infringement and invalidity of lithium-ion patent claims:
    • The critical role of weight/volume (quantitative) claim terms
    • How invention disclosure statements (IDS) can affect validity
    • The importance of examples in a lithium-ion patent specification
    • Properly presenting prophetic examples (predicted experimental results) as opposed to working examples (actual experimental results) in a lithium-ion patent


  • Howard Lim – Patent Attorney, Fenwick