Metadata: Legal and Ethical Challenges

Hosted By: Strafford Publications

Metadata lurks beneath the surface of every electronic document created or edited. Every computer application, platform or device generates metadata. The prevalence of E-communications and the ability to readily download any document electronically filed in federal court greatly magnifies the consequences of human error.

Whether or not litigators, members of all law departments, law firms and clients are susceptible to breaches of confidentiality and malpractice traps. Counsel can protect clients and their firms by avoiding common but critical mistakes involving track changes, pdf conversions, redaction and electronic discovery.
Counsel must plan and implement proper metadata and redaction procedures and tools to ensure they don't repeat well-publicized blunders such as those made by opposing counsel or co-counsel in complex litigation proceedings such as those involving Zynga.

Moreover, one of the many modern technological equivalents of loose lips—location tracking, "The Cloud" and social-media—also generate metadata pitfalls for the unwary, such as the notorious communications between former CIA Director Petraeus and his biographer.

Listen as our authoritative panel offers clear guidance for attorneys, law firms and businesses to act immediately to understand, control and manage metadata when using track changes, pdf conversions and redaction—and avoid related malpractice exposure, ethics violations and public embarrassment.


Robert D. Brownstone, Esq., Technology & eDiscovery Counsel
and Electronic Information Management Group
Fenwick & West LLP

Perry L. Segal,
Charon Solutions

This webinar is eligible for at least 1.5 general CLE credits.

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