Methods of Innovation: From Concepts to Reality

Hosted By: Stanford University Nanoscale Prototyping Laboratory

Hosted by Stanford University’s Nanoscale Prototyping Laboratory, the third installment in the Affiliate Program Webinar Series on “Methods of Innovation: From Concepts to Reality” featured insights from Fenwick corporate partner Dawn Belt and corporate associate Priscila Bastazin. The presentation covered a typical fundraising process in Silicon Valley, different types of investors and investments, common investor blocking rights, and best practices regarding due diligence, negotiation and closing process. The presentation also featured an overview of cross-border financing and acquisition transactions.

The NPL-Affiliate Program facilitates the sharing knowledge specific to the Nanoscale Prototyping Laboratory’s research findings and to facilitate active engagement between corporate executives and research scientists and Stanford faculty and students affiliated with the laboratories. Participants of the program will have the opportunity to work directly with Stanford researchers and participate in a focused or more wide-ranging direction through research focus groups, workshops, and specialized events. The NPL-AP will obtain input from affiliates on topics of interest and relevance, and will also work with the affiliate to initiate targeted educational programs.


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