MIP Autolex Forum

Hosted By: Benchmark Litigation and Managing IP

Benchmark Litigation and Managing IP will host their 3rd annual Autolex: Autonomous Vehicle Legal Forum. This one-day forum will focus on the disruptive changes occurring in the automobile industry as autonomous vehicles become a reality. Attendees will hear from some of the top in-house and law firm automobile lawyers discussing litigation, IP, insurance, and transactional issues. Get solutions to the top challenges facing the AV legal industry:

  • Regulations (or lack thereof)
  • Allocation of Risk/Safety/Insurance
  • Developing industrywide performance standards
  • Uncertainties around autonomous business models
  • Entry of non-traditional competitors
  • Defending against the enforcement of SEPs, particularly relating to communication standards

John McNelis is speaking on a panel at 10am titled "What is Happening to IP for AVs?" which will cover:​​​​​​​

  • The emergence of new IP players requiring collaboration among technology, communications and automobile companies
  • Changes in IP ownership with licensing
  • Patent strategies for AVs, V2x, and car sharing
  • Will design rights and trademarks play a bigger role?

Other panelists include:

  • Jim Stevens, shareholder, Reising Ethington (moderator)
  • Mark Duell, principal counsel, Honda Patents & Technologies North America
  • Eric Rogers, Intellectual Property Counsel, AGC Automotive
  • Bryce Pilz, director of licensing, University of Michigan