This program will review the current state of the art and explore many of the copyright issues that 3D printing and scanning may implicate, including the useful article doctrine; the derivative work right; fair use; secondary liability; the anti-circumvention and safe harbor provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act; and recent Supreme Court cases on design patent protection and the scope of copyright in 3D objects.

Join Fenwick lawyer Armen Nercession and his fellow panelists as they:

  • Explore the shift in production cycles across a wide range of material industries fueled by the advent of affordable, high quality 3D printing
  • Identify the legal hurdles associated with the new blurry line between application and expression, in a time when an average consumer can physically reproduce intellectual property they don't own the rights to
  • Summarize the state of the 3D printing industry with regards to various copyright laws and acts in place such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act


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