No Chips for You! America’s New Export Controls on Semiconductors and Their Implications for Global Trade

Hosted By: Washington International Trade Association

On October 7, 2022 the United States Department of Commerce announced new export controls on advanced computing and semiconductor manufacturing items to the People’s Republic of China (PRC). These new rules will restrict the PRC’s ability to obtain advanced computing chips, develop and maintain supercomputers, and manufacture advanced semiconductors.

According to the Commerce Department, the goal of the new rules is to “protect [U.S.] national security and prevent sensitive technologies with military applications from being acquired by the People’s Republic of China’s military, intelligence, and security services.” Fenwick partner and head of the firm's Trade & National Security practice Melissa Duffy will participate in a panel to discuss the impact of the new U.S. rules, and what they mean for the future of global semiconductor trade and U.S.-China relations.